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“Succes is a voice”

Bo Smit (born 2 June 1997), under stage name Beau Collins, is a Dutch DJ and music composer from The Netherlands.

From an early age Beau was inspired by the music that his father played to him. Artist such as Phill Collins, U2 & Coldplay inspired him the most. At just the age of 6 years old he started playing the drums, when he was just able to touch the bass drum pedals.

At the age of 10 Beau started producing music in his bedroom, since his brother’s friend told him to check out this program called “Fruity Loops”. He loved the program and spend weekends with his friends composing tracks on it. No matter where he was, he was always humming, ticking or anything that had something to do with music.

In 2010 his view of music changed. A friend introduced him to the Swedish House Mafia. Years of producing and practicing went by until in 2015 Beau got noticed by Roy Gates through Soundcloud, who soon got him signed to Spinnin’ Records & Musicallstars.

Since then he realized that he had to chase his dreams which he is doing right now with his team in Amsterdam.